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Celesty Tsosie
GRET Co-Owner/CEO/Board/Sales

Kurt Freiter
GRET President of Operations/Board
ConAg Owner
Architectural Concepts International (ACI)
Lynnae Betselie
GRET Co-Owner/Drafter/Board/Sales

Kim Tsosie
BLT Consulting​

Robert Tsosie
GRET Manufacturing/Construction/Sales

Eugene Mace
GRET Manufacturing/Construction/Sales

Belvin Pete
GRET Board/Engineer

Raffy Nakai
GRET Manufacturing Manager/Sales

Aaron Betselie
GRET Manufacturing/Construction/Sales

Bobby Tsosie
GRET Board
The "GRET" Team is here to help and assist in any way regarding our GRET:ConAg "Greensmart Global" Housing System.  We will do our best to provide you answers to your questions.  Please call any of the members above to find out more about SIPs and developing your dream home.